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about us

Journal of International Medical Sciences Academy (JIMSA) is the official publication of the International Medical Sciences Academy (IMSA). The organization is currently having its headquarters at New Delhi and branches in more than 12 countries. JIMSA is a multispecialty journal that aims to promote interdisciplinary dialogue amongst students, researchers and medical practitioners. To realize the aims JIMSA publishes original research articles, case reports, review articles, images in medicine, editorials, commentaries and miscellany. All articles submitted to JIMSA undergo rigorous peer review before being considered for publication.

The journal is published quarterly since April 1987. In 1988 an editorial board was constituted comprising 6 members and 16 advisors. The board was expanded to 10 members and 26 advisors in 1988. Dr. PS Gupta (1987 - 1997) and Dr PD Gulati (1997 – 2017) served as Editors-in-chief in the past. In 2017 March Dr. V. Raveenthiran took over as Editor-in-chief.

Circulation of the journal at inception was 350 copies per issue which slowly increased to 1400 copies in 2008. Initially the journal was of 30 pages per issue and in the year 1997 it was increased to 50 pages per issue. Special issues on a focused theme and symposia have been published since 1998.

In 2005 JIMSA went online with full text available through IMSA website. In 2004 best paper awards were commenced to encourage good science. In 2011 JIMSA was indexed by IndMed the official indexing agency of medical literature in India.

Under the guidance of Dr. K Jagadeesan, president of IMSA and Dr RK Thukral the journal celebrated Silver Jubilee in 2012.

The journal is funded by the International Medical Sciences Academy as well as revenue from advertisements and subscriptions. JIMSA does not charge authors of any processing or publication fee. Full text of the journal is freely accessible after an embargo period of 3 months.